A Fantasy

Corky is a small cockney boy who is knocked down in a street accident and taken unconscious to hospital. When he 'wakes' he finds himself in Think Land - a place of beauty, colour, light and timelessness. There is no suffering, greed, ambition or pride - and everything operates by thought!

He meets 'Geraldine', a giraffe who is always 'sticking her neck out' and making terrible puns, and 'Priscilla', a 'Purrfectly' charming cat. He meets other animals who protest against man's cruelty to them on earth.

One understanding grown-up is prepared to LISTEN. This is a new experience for Corky as his Mum never had time.

He has many adventures including a visit to the 'Rainbow Repair Shop' run entirely by children who are restoring the damaged 'Wonder Threads' caused by by adults with their continual research and logical explanations. Also he visits the 'Magic Spring' with its transforming 'living' water.

The word 'heaven' is not mentioned but implied, and Corky has a 'near death experience'. He finally returns to consciousness and his Mum promises to listen and is affected by his great adventure.

Foreword by the Author