Directives for living

This hour between 4-5am is the appointed time for you to receive these thoughts. Regard this as a sacred task, and this fact compensates for the lack of sleep.

In your own life you must distinguish between meditation - which is a passive state of receptivity, where you are privileged to experience the presence of God, The Divine Spirit of Love, and petitional prayer or absent healing where you are concentrating on one individual and holding him or her in the light of God and asking for His healing power to help him or her.

Both these states of communion with God are essential to spiritual growth, the one for the self and the other for your neighbour - "Love your neighbour as yourself"

Be very careful of pride - that most insidious state that crawls into your mind silently like a snake - a spiritual pride, the worst kind - the feeling of superiority that you know the answers. No-one does! So continually ask for humility, which is a state of great gratitude at being chosen, and wonder. It is selfless - the emptying of the little "I" and a state of complete obedience and trust at whatever cost of effort. It is the abandonment of your will and the acceptance, without question, to the will of God, "Thy will be done, not mine". So humility is the submission to God's will.

Be ever open to God, the door of your soul always open to receive the honoured guest. Learn to control your thoughts - like a General with his troops, or they will master you. Watch them continually everyday, without fail. You must make time to withdraw. This is as vital to the soul as breathing and it must be looked upon as a wonderful hour of joy, not an act of duty.

These pages are from the collection Spoken in the Stillness written and © Margaret Holmes. Further reproduction in any form without prior permission is prohibited.